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Farm House in UAE

GreenLand Farm House in Dubai nestles at the foot of the rocky mountains of Ras Al Khaimah. With its green moringa and date palm patches, the farm has a charming and rustic feel.  A farm stay is an excellent idea for families who want to spend quality time together away from the bustle of everyday life. Whether as a single family or with family and friends, a break like this would be ideal to unwind from the stresses of work-life.
During your stay, you can visit our fish farms, which breed both edible and aquarium fishes. The fish farm is the perfect place to immerse yourselves in the world of colourful aquarium fish and fall in love with these beautiful creatures. We breed many different varieties of fish - from exotic koi carp and betta (fighters) to the popular goldfish and angels. You can observe these fish in varying stages of their growth, from millions of small babies to fully grown and breeding adults. You may even be tempted to take the plunge and buy a small ready-made aquarium from us to take home with you.

Facilities Available

Living Room
Swimming Pool
Our ducks and goats have always been a big hit with the kids;  the time they get to spend with the birds and animals is never enough for them. Many parents have given us the feedback that these experiences have kick-started in their kids, a strong sense of curiosity about animals and nature in general - and kindled a desire to learn more about them.

The large swimming pool behind the farmhouse offers privacy and both kids and adults enjoy lazing in and around it. Nights are the most enjoyable and the location is ideal for star-watching. You can spend pleasant evenings at the cosy farmhouse - warming up to a lazy barbeque outside and enjoying the view of the mountains which begin just outside the perimeter of the farm. Alternatively, you can buy live fish (excellent tilapias and sea bass)  and fresh eggs from the farm and whip up a delicious fare yourself in our well-equipped kitchen.

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