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Tucked away beside the towering hills of Ras Al Khaimah, Green Land Farm is an ever-present option for your children, families, friends, and colleagues to break away from the bustle of city life and reconnect with domestic flora and fauna.

Find the comfort of our urban dwellings while exploring the kaccha outdoors around the farm.

You can avail of a two-bedroom housing facility for guests, with an additional 20-bed dormitory quarter for larger groups. We also have a clear, open space for you to pitch tents and sleep under the cloudless night sky. Claim your space for events and parties!

Here’s the opportunity to tour and learn about true farm life. Our land is outfitted with modern high-tech agricultural systems in hydroculture and water-conservation methods. Get a close look at fresh and pesticide-free crops in this habitat. We present to you a growing troupe of fish, dogs, ducks, chickens, goats, and pigeons with their pens scattered around the land for you and your kids to trek through! Bring along your canines and felines; we are a pet-friendly establishment.

You get to see sustainable agriculture at its best! This is perhaps the most authentic farming site for hands-on learning that can inspire your children to envision a greener future.

We have the largest indoor ornamental fish farm. This is the perfect spot for kids to   relax and  enjoy the tranquil sight of the fish swimming by.”

We have the facility for you to catch fish directly from our farm fish pond.  It can be an amazing experience for the kids. Enjoy the  fishing experience. You can barbecue outdoors!  Cook your catch with any  flavourful recipe and picnic out in the backyard.

You can pay to fish for our edible breeds in the allotted fish ponds. Sea bass and tilapia are quite popular amongst the experts. Rest assured that the fishes are grown and raised in properly treated and aerated water. Our aquaculture involves no antibiotic usage and this ensures they are at their healthiest when you reel them in.

We have the facility for you to barbecue outdoors! Cook your catch with any flavourful recipe and picnic out in the backyard. 

Our farm’s outdoor sitting area is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery!

Our outdoor sitting area is designed to provide you with a comfortable and peaceful space to unwind and recharge.

Located in the heart of our farm, our outdoor sitting area features comfortable and sturdy seating options that are perfect for lounging or catching up with friends and family. The area is covered with a beautiful pergola that provides shade and protection from the elements. Our outdoor sitting area is spacious enough to accommodate both small and large groups of visitors.

So come and visit us at our farm’s outdoor sitting area and experience the beauty and tranquility of nature. We can’t wait to share this wonderful space with you!

Welcome to our farm’s swimming pool, where you can  cool off and  have fun in the sun! Our swimming pool is designed to provide you with a refreshing escape from the summer heat  and a place to create lasting memories with family and friends.

The pool is large enough to accommodate both small and large groups of visitors, with plenty of seating options available for lounging and relaxing.

You’ll find no fish here, just people. Enjoy a cool dip in fresh water to combat the slow heat of the day. The musical open air does everything in its power to ensure your peace sets in that much faster. Float on your back and listen to the wind whistling through faraway valleys and date palm trees.

Our farm’s duck farm, where we raise high-quality ducks in a healthy and sustainable environment. Our duck farm is designed to provide our ducks with the best possible living conditions while ensuring that our products are of the highest quality.

We also use natural and organic feed that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones, ensuring that our ducks are raised in a healthy and sustainable way.

We implement sustainable farming practices, such as reducing waste and using renewable energy sources, to ensure that our farm remains a responsible and sustainable business.

At our duck farm, we raise several different breeds of ducks. We take pride in providing our ducks with a clean, safe, and comfortable living space, with plenty of room to roam and access to clean water and nutritious food. Our ducks are raised in a free-range environment, where they have access to the outdoors and can engage in natural behaviors.



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