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+971553550300 - CALL Mon - Sun : 8:30 - 6:00

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GreenLand Farm, nestled amidst the natural beauty of Adhen village in Ras Al Khaimah, is an integrated farm. It is surrounded with natural beauty overlooking the rocky cliffs of Ras Al Khaimah. The farm is enriched with organic vegetation, poultry farm, Aqua culture, Goat farm, Duck farm and also providing farm stay .At GreenLand Farm, we break free from the traditional agricultural model, embracing a vibrant ecosystem where every element plays a vital role in a harmonious cycle. Our mission is to cultivate harmony with nature, nurture the land through sustainable practices, and to empower a generation of conscious consumers and responsible farmers through innovative agriculture and education, paving the way for a greener future. Committed to ethical farming practices, we strive to provide the highest quality organic products, emphasizing environmental responsibility and community engagement. 

GreenLand Farm offers a rich tapestry of agricultural experiences, blending organic vegetation with diverse animal husbandry practices. The lush fields of organic vegetation provide a bounty of fresh produce, cultivated with care and without harmful chemicals. Nestled within the farm’s embrace are poultry, aquaculture, goat, and duck farms, each contributing to the farm’s self-sufficiency and biodiversity. From the cheerful clucking of hens to the tranquil ponds teeming with aquatic life, every aspect of the farm harmonizes to create a thriving ecosystem. Additionally, GreenLand Farm extends its hospitality with farm stays, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the rhythms of rural life, connect with nature, and experience firsthand the principles of sustainable living. 



We strive to provide you with the highest quality products

More than 37,000 plants are grown in a batch using soilless cultivation, regulated nutrient dosage, evaporative cooling, and natural sunlight.


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