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Aquaculture – Technically Advanced RA System

Aquaculture tanks and multiple open water reservoirs are served by a closed recirculation aquaculture system (RAS). To conserve water, the facility makes sure that it is aerated, treated, and circulated. Edible varieties such as Sea bass, tilapia and ornamental fishes thrive in these tanks as well as in the open reservoirs.


Goat Farming

There is a goat shelter in operation that has the capacity to accommodate up to 800 animals. The hygienic and clean shelter has watering holes, feeding troughs and dwelling space in two levels for the goats, in addition to a large, fenced and open area. Goat droppings are collected via mechanical chutes and delivered to farms where it is used as an organic, natural manure for plants and grass.




Container Vertical Farming & Fodder System

With a hydroponics system, leafy greens, microgreens, and fodder grass are cultivated in enclosed, seaworthy containers. The system is environmentally controlled, with air conditioning, temperature / humidity settings, indoor LED grow lighting and nutrient dosing system.




Hi-Tech Hydroponics

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is used for growing lettuces / leafy greens, on A-frames with 20 steps. Over 37,000 plants are grown in one batch under natural sunlight, evaporative cooling, soil-less mode and nutrient dosing controls.
Fully Automated dosing system ensures the proper level of nutrients EC/PH for every growth stage.



Moringa Farming

In our lush expanse, bordered by sheer cliffs, we cultivate around 7000 moringa (drumstick) plants. Recognized for their nutritious leaves and valuable drumstick seed pods, moringa thrives in hot, water-deficient conditions. Capable of propagation from seeds or cuttings, these plants are not only agriculturally practical but also contribute to a balanced diet as a superfood. Their role in traditional medicine adds to the overall benefits, making moringa farming ideal for regions with warm climates and limited water resources.




Bowl Lotus

Nurturing the serene elegance of Bowl Lotuses, we specialize in cultivating these aquatic beauties within our farm.

Renowned for their graceful blooms and tranquil ambiance, Bowl Lotuses thrive under our care.

From vibrant tabletop displays to serene pond settings, our Bowl Lotuses add natural charm to any space.





Experience the charm of a cozy two-bedroom cottage and two dormitories, accommodating up to 20 guests. Relax under the tranquil shade, feeling the gentle breeze and marveling at stunning sunsets. Our outdoor sitting area fosters connections and shared laughter. Whether seeking solitude or joyful gatherings, our spacious seating area accommodates every need. Unforgettable memories await in our soulful farmhouse, where comfort and natural beauty abound.


Tent Camping

Discover our serene camping area, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Enjoy cozy tents and communal firepits for gatherings under the stars. Relax in the peaceful outdoors, with campfires crackling nearby. Our seating areas are perfect for chatting with friends. Whether you want quiet time or to hang out with others, our campsite has something for everyone. Get ready for a memorable adventure where you’ll make lasting memories and have fun outdoors.




Outdoor Party Area

Bask in the sunshine and fresh air while celebrating under the stars with our dedicated outdoor party area. Perfect for gatherings of all sizes, this space offers ample room for mingling, dining, and creating unforgettable memories with loved ones.

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